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SmartMetro 2015 is just behind us now and was an amazing show.

We have now started work on SmartMetro 2016 and hope to make it an even bigger success!

SmartMetro 2015 Highlights

Take a look inside our SmartMetro event guide to find out what happened in 2015.


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What is SmartMetro?


In an increasingly urbanised world, evolving IT and the digital revolution gives metro systems an opportunity to improve service and meet growing passenger demands. SmartMetro allows transport leaders, innovators and specialists to:

  • Share best practice.
  • Uncover new solutions.
  • Put CBTC at the heart of SmartMetro systems.
  • And much more...

Do you want to meet senior-level decision makers from Rail and Metro Operators?


Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you with your business relationships in the field of rail technology. Here are some of the ways we can help:

  • Raise your profile and demonstrate thought leadership in metro technology and solutions.
  • Announce and demo new products or services to help operators reach their operational goals.
  • Network with senior decision makers and budget holders from European rail and metro operators.
  • Increase market presence and build your brand as a transportation leader.


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"A very useful event, opening up possibilities for new concepts and practices to be applied in railway / metro systems"

Dr George Leoutsakos, Attiko Metro

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The Latest From SmartRail World

Hackathon hunts for unconventional answers to classic rail challenges.

Any travellers passing through London’s St. Pancras station last Friday may have been surprised to see a host of brightly coloured t-shirts amongst the dull grey and brown suits of office workers beginning their commute home. Yet, those 120 people with the green, red and blue t-shirts excitedly...

SmartRail Speaks: Pierre Gosset, Chief Technical Officer at SYSTRA

"After 20+ years in the industry I am still amazed and the passion and commitment found in the rail projects I work on..." Today SmartRail World is in Paris to meet with Pierre Gosset, Chief Technical Officer at SYSTRA, the international engineering and project management group specializing in rail...

World's longest and deepest rail tunnel begins high-speed rail tests.

The Gotthard Base Tunnel mega-project in Switzerland has commenced testing high-speed trains on its two 57km (35.4 miles) single-track tunnels. The line is scheduled to become operational at the end of 2016, and has seen over 500 successful tests since October 1st with the first trip at the...