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SmartMetro and the co-located CBTC World Congress are the perfect platforms for engaging with global metro operators on how technology can solve the key issues affecting the urban transport today; from signalling and safety to the digital passenger.
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Sponsorship & Exhibition opportunites for 2017 open! Raise your profile among the region’s leading metros and operators; share your solutions and ideas with our interactive formats; meet current and new clients all in one place.
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Want to know more about SmartMetro? Download the show guide from last year today to find out more about what you can expect from the congress, our partners, our global audience and how your company can be there in 2017.
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SmartMetro is a dedicated industry event aiming to encouraging best practice sharing and development within the industry. We bring together the best speakers from across the region to share their ideas and experiences.
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Each year SmartMetro’s sponsorship line-up and innovative speakers attract a fantastic global group of attendees. Past attendees have included: Deutsche Bahn, TfL, BART, Prasarana, Metroselskabet and SNCF.

The congress is an excellent opportunity to feel the pulse and capture trends of metro operators and the industry.

Stephane Sanner, Urban Solutions Manager, Alstom

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